Information for Translators


As you already know toghether with each installation of AirDC++ these language files are already included (not like some other clients where you have to go hunt for them yourself) but in the past there have been problems getting them updated before the release and this we would like to change. So, do you want to be part of making AirDC++ even better for the future?

1. How to become a translator

You only need to send a post to this thread so you will be given permission to upload the updated translation files to the site. If you are about to translate the program to a new language, please write about that in the same thread so the language can be added in the program.

2. How to translate

After you have posted a messages on the mentioned thread, you can download an existing translation from the Translator area. The new strings to be translated are always added at the bottom of the English example file. You can copy the new string from it to the existing translation and then replace them with  your own language. Try to keep the same order as in the example file as that will make it much easier for you in the long run, and remove old strings no longer available in it. If you are starting to tranlate to a new language, you can start translating the example file directly.

Good tools for this work are WinMerge and Notepad++, they will help you a lot.

Please also increase the version number each time when you publish a new translation. The version number is in the beggining of the file in the tag AairdcppLanguageVersion.  A general guideline is to use the version of the program itself (for example 2.20 for AirDC++ 2.20) but if you for example update the translation for the same version, you may add an additional number behind (like 2.201, 2.202 etc.).  Without increasing the version clients don't know when there are new language versions available. 

3. How to publish the translation

All translation can be uploaded to Translator area. People who assigned to the translator group can see a button "Update" next to each tranlation. Always update the existing translation for that particular language instead of creating a new item with the "Submit file" button. Click that button and follow the steps to upload the new translation from your computer. On the last page you can edit the description of the translation. Please update the corresponding AirDC++ version in the description. The uploaded translations are instantly available for clients using the particular language.

Before uploading the translation, please check the following:

  • AairdcppLanguageVersion in the translation file is higher than the version in the existing translation
  • The file has the same name than the existing translation (which is written in AairdcppLanguageFile)

If you want, you can now test that the client finds the new translation by going to the update page in the File menu. You can upload the new translations when you feel like that, but you probably don't want people to update the language after each little correction.