Problems after reinstalling Win10

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Problems after reinstalling Win10

Postby jasa » 03 Oct 2017, 23:11

I have changed my SSD disk because the old one was full. So I re-installed Win10 and also AirDC++.
I tried to paste the old files in the new AirDC++ so I could have my favorite sites and all other things that worked perfect for me. But it didnt work :-(
So now I have a clean AirDC++. Anyone who knows how to get the old stuff back on the new disc?
I have still my old disc with the working AirDC++ but I dont know which files I have to copy to the new disc?

Best Regards Jasa
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Re: Problems after reinstalling Win10

Postby Night » 07 Oct 2017, 06:36

When you start airdc, click on File menu in the top window, select open settings directory.
There you have the config files to copy, you can do the same to locate them in the new airdc but you need to close airdc before overwriting the files.
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