How do I get started? (Please document.)

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How do I get started? (Please document.)

Postby LightDemon » 12 Jun 2017, 09:08

I'm new to DC++ (the GNU/Linux daemon and client,) have read a lot about it, haven't gotten any DC++ client to work. I'm also a computer scientist, though didn't study networking at all (rather than other aspects) and learned a lot on my own about it, but may know nothing about some aspects. I've set up lots of other network programs to run on various PCs on a LAN that the network connection connects into the router. All those programs work fine (including older file-sharing)... no DC++ program ever worked for me. People on hubs just say they can't get my list, and I can't get anyone else's list. It seemed I was able to configure AirDC++ so it should work (with my LAN & WAN IP addresses, TCP & UDP port and another TCP port,) but I had the same problem as with others (didn't work, seems to be no active Internet Relay Chat for help, just web-forums, etc.) and the automatic settings used random ports I always had to redo in my router, unfortunately usually having to erase many lines first then rewrite them in numerical order. The ‘documentation’ seems to just be a description. Please actually document it, preferably write some tutorials or update the nonexistent tutorials that are on this forum. I don't really know what details I should state, but will post if asked when anyone can walk me through this.
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Re: How do I get started? (Please document.)

Postby maksis » 12 Jun 2017, 13:51

Do I understand correctly that you are using the Linux version (Web client)? There's also a support hub available: ... -questions (yeah, it should be mentioned in the docs as well). If you go to Settings -> Connectivity, there are help links and port checking instructions listed as well (assuming that you are using the latest version) that could be tried first.

If you are hosting the hub locally and you are attempting to transfer files with non-local users, it would be important to know that which hubsoft you are using and what's your IP in the userlist.
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