AirDC++ 3.40 Beta

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AirDC++ 3.40 Beta

Postby maksis » 24 Mar 2017, 18:58



- New Web API version:
- Save and load open tabs between sessions
- Back up successfully loaded XML setting files and recover corrupted ones automatically


- Don't queue new background searches if the search queue is too long
- Simplified share monitoring that relies on directory refreshes instead of handling individual files
- Failed bundles won't be rescanned on filelist refresh (rescan must be initiated manually instead)
- Show recent private chat and file lists in Recents window


- Fix issues with displaying of various less common character symbols (or sharing files containing them)


- Option to hash finished bundle files
- Option to add finished finished bundles in share instantly (always shared instantly from now on when inside a shared directory)


Tip: existing AirDC++ users may configure the client to notify about new beta versions by switching the update channel from Settings -> Miscellaneous).
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