AirDC++ 2.42

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AirDC++ 2.42

Postby maksis » 25 Jan 2013, 21:37

2.42 is a hotfix release for 2.41 which fixes a nasty application hang when merging bundles, which made the client consume all memory.

Changelog (2.42)


- Show more details in the log message when hash database has been rebuilt
- Try falling back to the language translation path if the translation file is missing
- Change the default number of hashing threads to 1 (can be changed from Settings -> Sharing options)


- Client hanging when merging bundles or adding new files in them

Changelog (2.41)


- Allow using multiple threads for hashing
- Show some user information in favorite users frame
- Add "browse list" in the queue tab
- Allow automatic enabling of away mode after certain period of inactivity


- Optimize hard disk access with segmented downloads/uploads (equals to not using segments when transferring sequential segments)
- Store the favorite hub settings in a different way, use the global value by default (when there is one)
- The installer will store the settings in "My documents" by default (can be changed during the installation)
- Remove GUI freezes in various situations
- Make sending of magnet links usable with large files: no freezing and the hashing progress is shown
- Show a warning message when magnet links from private chat are downloaded into a shared folder
- Disable partial sharing for magnet links downloaded from private chat
- Merge 2 identical active mode settings (DC++)
- Several performance tweaks
- Update the dupe type when right clicking on a magnet/release name
- Open dupe files in links from disk
- Allow loading version 3 hash indexes
- Improved coloring in file lists while they are being loaded
- Update the country database and language even if getting the version file fails
- Show a log message if the hash data is corrupt


- Fix a startup crash if the client can't write in the settings folder
- Fix a bug that prevents users from sending chat messages before they change their CID
- Fix the auto search dialog sizing when using larger font size
- Open web links even when they don't have the http:// part
- Don't spam "User went offline" status messages in PM
- Fix a few message boxes going to the background on startup
- Fix a crash with formating parameters (only affects the 32 bit version)
- Fix a crash when there are favorite hubs with empty addresses
- Display the bundle sources correctly when sources have been readded for single files
- Fix a few bugs in the sharing page
- Avoid disk access when loading the initial folder tree on the sharing page
- Fix queue size going wrong when opening files directly
- Don't try to update custom language files
- Don't leave empty directories on disk when moving queued bundles
- Improve the stability of browsing partial file lists
- Fix the context menu when right-clicking on a scroll bar in chat
- Fix a bug with setting newly added share dirs as incoming
- Don't leave 0-byte dctmp files when the incomlete dir is full
- Fix "Don't share files bigger than x MB" when the limit is more than 2048MB
- Fix ugly background color in file lists while loading them
- Fix a few minor problems when moving bundles


- The virus scanner path for finished downloads (didn't work before)
- The NAT travelsal option (always enabled for now when using passive mode)


The installer will put your settings to "My documents" by default. In case you run multiple instances of AirDC++, note that only one instance can use that settings directory. If you want to keep your settings in the same directory than the client, untick the box "Store settings in your user profile folder" in the installer. The binary version will store the settings in the exe folder, unless you manually modify the file dcppboot.xml.
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