Not parsing SFV files

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Not parsing SFV files

Postby 4C3T » 31 Dec 2020, 14:15

I've been having troubles with sharing MP3's.
Most are shared, but I don't know if it doesn't like the directory structure or something, but it complains that there are missing .SFV-files.
So, I tried by making them (using a program of course), but it still refuses to recognize them.
My structure:

1985 - Killing Is My Business...And Business Is Good! (Re-Mastered) [2002]
1986 - Peace Sells...But Who's Buying (Re-Mastered) [2004]
1986 - Peace Sells...But Who's Buying [DVD-Audio] [Non-Remix Re-Master] [2003]
1988 - So Far, So Good...So What! (Re-Mastered) [2004]
1990 - Rust in Peace (Re-Mastered) [2004]
1992 - Countdown to Extinction (Re-Mastered) [2004]
1993 - Singles Mega Box [5CD] [192kps]
1994 - Youthanasia (Re-Mastered) 2004
1995 - Hidden Treasures
1996 - Md.45 - The Craving (Vocals - Dave Mustaine) (Re-Mastered) [2004]
1997 - Cryptic Writings (Non-Remix) [HDCD]
1997 - Cryptic Writings (Re-Mastered) [2004]
1998 - Cryptic Sounds - No Voices In Your Heads [EP] [HDCD] [Import] [2000]
1999 - Risk (Re-Mastered) [2004]
2001 - The World Needs a Hero
2002 - Rude Awakening [live] [2CD]
2004 - The System Has Failed
2005 - Greatest Hits - Back to the Start + Live At Fillmore 12-27-1999 [DVD Auido Rip]
2008 - Set The World Afire Anthology Greatest Hits
2010 - Rust In Peace Live
2016 - Dystopia


It did complain that some of the files wasn't input into the .SFV-file on some albums.
I've been over the settings and I can't find somewhere to turn this shit off as it's super annoying.
Seems like there aren't any way to share them regardless of the .SFV-file.

I removed the .SFV-files and now it won't share them at all.
My guess is that it can't handle the directory structure, but I'm highly unwilling to rename and move them as I'm using Lidarr and that is highly sensitive to path-changes.
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Re: Not parsing SFV files

Postby maksis » 02 Jan 2021, 18:12

The application itself doesn't validate the content of your directories, that's being handled by a separate extension ( ... validator/). You can uninstall it from the Extensions tab if you don't like it. If you think that the extension is not working correctly, you could submit a bug report to ... tor/issues
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Re: Not parsing SFV files

Postby 4C3T » 10 Jan 2021, 16:56

Wow... What do you know... Removed it, and all of the suddenly some 70 GB was added for hashing... :o

So much stuff to keep track on, so it never even occurred to me that any plugins would be the cause of this.
Still, it's strange that it didn't match the hashed (SFV) with the files, even though I made fresh ones, and I don't see why it would ignore an entire folder which lacked the SFV-file (and even no .NFO either). The latter might have been a config-issue. Didn't check, just installed it straight off.

Might also have been a directory structural matter, probably a certain depth & complexity. Who cares...

Oh well, at least now I know what not to run.
Thanks for the help
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