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AirDC++ 4.00

Postby maksis » 19 Nov 2020, 19:40

Version 4.00 introduces a new Extensions tab that can be used to install new extensions or to manage installed ones.


Functionality that has been moved to extensions

The inbuilt scan for missing/extra files and share monitoring have been replaced with separate extensions that can be managed from the Extensions tab. The respective extensions will be installed by default when upgrading from an old version (the share scanner extension will be installed only for people using the RAR settings profile). The new extensions aren't able to use your previous share scanning and monitoring settings so you may want to review the settings of both extensions after upgrading.

Issues and feature requests for the extensions should be posted to their own issue trackers (airdcpp-share-monitor / airdcpp-release-validator).

Writing own extensions

AirDC++ Web API allows implementing extensions for various different use cases, such as queueing new files, performing searches, validating finished bundles or files/directories to be added share, sending/reading chat messages, validating share of other users, dynamic setting of speed limits, managing share refreshes, adding context menu items that perform custom actions etc.

For more information about writing new extensions, please visit the information page. You may also join the developer hub at adcs:// for additional assistance.


API and Web UI changes

- ... .10.0.html


- Extension tab for installing and managing extensions
- Include node.js extension engine in the updater and installer
- Add labels for event log messages
- Allow changing web server bind addresses from the settings, show a link to the Web UI
- Add an option to show user IP and country in chat (RoLex)
- Allow setting a custom temp file path via dcppboot.xml


- Bind web server to localhost ( by default
- Don't wait until the current file has finished completed when stopping hashing
- Don't allow adding bundle sources without a known hub
- Save application identifier in the settings file for more reliable future settings migration
- Improve handling of directory downloading errors


- Fix incorrect TTH data being added in hash store when shutting down while hashing is in progress
- Fix fetching the list of downloaded files for partial bundle sharing


- Inbuilt check for missing/extra files (replaced with the airdcpp-release-validator extension)
- Inbuilt share monitoring (replaced with the airdcpp-share-monitor extension)
- Manual SFV checker (can be implemented with an extension)
- fulDC FTP logger (can be implemented with an extension)
- Support for migrating legacy XML hash databases from DC++ (or other compatible applications)


Existing AirDC++ users should use the inbuilt updating function (File -> Update check).

Users that are currently running AirDC++ 3.70 or older must download the update manually from the download page.
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