Crash immediately upon starting

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Crash immediately upon starting

Postby Lonewolf79 » 06 Dec 2018, 15:56

Using the latest version 3.52 for Windows 10 I get "Assertion failed" as soon as I start the program.
I even tried ApexDC++ just to see if it would work, and while the program started as soon as I tried to view a file list or something similar it crashed with the same error.
Leading me to believe it has something to do with my computer. Windows 10 x64 and it is very recently installed

debug text here:
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Re: Crash immediately upon starting

Postby maksis » 06 Dec 2018, 17:03

It's a strange crash indeed. Could it be memory-related? Do you have any antivirus software installed (or any other similar software)?
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Re: Crash immediately upon starting

Postby Lonewolf » 15 Dec 2018, 13:02

This is me who started this topic. My account got lost on me somehow.

Anywho, I have no anti-virus running apart from the "built-in" windows defender.
I've re-installed Windows 10 two times, full whipe and install. Getting the exact same error :/

No idea about memory. So far this program is the only one that is behaving badly.
Any idea? Tried to install and de-install all various versions of Visual c++ from microsoft

// Lonewolf
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