HOWTO Report a bug in AirDC++

If you find any bugs, please post in here. Bugs in the Linux version should be reported on Github.

HOWTO Report a bug in AirDC++

Postby en_dator » 12 Jan 2010, 19:57

Hi there,
here are a few quick notes on how you can improve you bug reports.

  • Write a topic that indicates what the problem is or what part of the program the bug can be found in.
  • Don't hijack someone elses bug thread unless you are absolutely sure that you are talking about the same bug.
  • One bug per thread.
  • Only report bugs from the latest available version that you are able to use (also try a beta version first if there is one available)
  • Be as specific as possible, pictures are good, as much information as possible that is relevant, about what you did, what the program did, and about your system.
  • If you are reporting a crash, always tell what you were doing when the crash happened and possibly how to reproduce it. Don't create topics that only contain a crash log. If the client crashed while you were away or you just otherwise can't tell what happened, it's also fine to tell that.

Here is a very good article about bug reporting :

Because its as simple as this - If we can't understand, or can not replicate the bug its damn near impossible to find it and fix it (and then you're stuck with it).

Click here to submit a new bug report

Bug-specific information

Client hangs

AirDC++ is a heavily multi-threaded application which may sometimes lead to threads blocking each others in, which is also called a deadlock. This is not an actual crash and the client won't generate any log that can be attached to your bug report.

Getting information from a frozen client

Please go through the following steps to get logs to attach that provide the information about what's happening inside the client (you should get the log only when the client is in a frozen state already).

  1. You must first install Windows SDK (download from here). When being asked for the features to install, you need to only select "Debugging tools for Windows" (uses about 250 MB of disk space)
  2. Go to start menu and launch WinDbg (X64 or X86)
  3. Go to "File" -> "Attach to process". Select AirDC.exe from the list and click OK.
  4. Enter the following command in the command window that was opened:

    Code: Select all
    ~* kp

  5. Copy all text from the command window and attach it to your bug report. The output can be really long so it's recommended that you save it to a separate file first.
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