Custom menues doesn't work in AirDC, but works in DC++

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Custom menues doesn't work in AirDC, but works in DC++

Postby 4C3T » 23 Jan 2021, 14:18

Hi. When right clicking in AirDC while in MC, I only the the default copy-functions, but I can't see the custom hub menu (Luadch ADC hub with a bunch of scripts running, several hubs).

I spoke to a guy who's running DC++ on his machine, as the original question how he was able to add a TTH to his releases, to which he responded that he just right clicked MC, went to the hub menu and chose releases->category and inputted it there.
I went through my settings to find something amiss, as well as installed extensions but I couldn't wrap my head around the problem.
I started up the old DC++ client, and there it was. Even more annoying was that the entire menu content is different from when right clicking the user list (which is the same on both clients though).

I've been dabbling a bit with the freshstuff.lua-script and saw that there were some entries for something that looked like menu choices, but didn't think much of it, since there are some functions that aren't working quite, so I figured it was some work in progress.
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