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[NMDC] 4.10 Magnet Link left mouse in chat opens search

PostPosted: 12 Jan 2021, 23:09
by Executer

the following list of magnet links is not handled correctly
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It appears to me the "%26" -> & breaks the handling of the link and those in the same message below it.
Clicking on the link above brings the expected magnet link detected window to download the file, the broken one and those below open a search instead.
Clicking on the working link above fixes the ones not handled as expected until airdc++ gets restarted.
Right mouse -> download worked as expected in my test.

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%23 "#" breaks too.

so does
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%40 "@".

It seems to me does the copy magnet link and/or link handling in general are flawed and not robust when special or reserved characters in file names occur.
I've seen wierd things happening too, when someone used an opening parenthesis but didn't closed it in the filename. I understand does parsing and other things can get messed up by this, but normal users expect a "filename" to be simply handled as string and it should work as such even if it is not syntactically correct ;)

Re: 4.10 Magnet Link left mouse in chat opens search

PostPosted: 18 Jan 2021, 13:54
by maksis
This issue is reproducible only in NMDC hubs, as the links are working fine in ADC hubs