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[FIXED] Share monitoring, internal errors (3.53)

PostPosted: 09 Dec 2018, 20:40
by Chatte
Me and many others got an error-message instantly after updating airdc++ from 3.52 to 3.53. In the systemlog it sais when downloading for example: A failed directory I:\RAR\ has been removed from monitoring: An internal error occurred. (code: 1359)...and then a couple of seconds later the directory has been restored. As long as you are downloading something, this goes on and on back and forth...(directory removed...and then restored again).

One user said that he had this issue already from earlier versions of airdc++ , but it seems like its now spreading.

Is this something that can be fixed? And do you know what causes this?

Thanks for a great client/Peter

Re: Airdc++ 3.53 bug(even earlier versions?)

PostPosted: 09 Dec 2018, 22:57
by Chatte
Okay, got some answers already...apparently you can do a quick fix by turning "real time monitoring" off in settings/sharing/sharing options.

Re: Share monitoring, internal errors (3.53)

PostPosted: 03 Apr 2019, 15:52
by maksis
Possibly fixed in the latest beta: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=4813&p=9463#p9491