[FIXED] Filelist bugs with AirDC++ 3.41

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[FIXED] Filelist bugs with AirDC++ 3.41

Postby meh » 08 Jul 2017, 16:02

Hi, I've noticed the following issues that drive me absolutely crazy with 3.41:

1) browsing partial filelists has broken changing of directories:
- browse random users partial filelist, you can go to any folder or stay in root
- open search and search for something that specific user has
- rightclick the result and "Browse the filelist"
- focus switches to filelist, directory DOES NOT change - this used to work in 3.2x

2) same thing, just the starting filelist is full list
- same steps to reproduce, only difference is I think this was also broken in 3.2x

3) searching in own filelist
- browse own list
- search for something you have
- "No results were found"
Here I found out I have to check the "search within the current directory" checkbox and be in root for it to actually search for something, otherwise nothing. This used to work in 3.2x.

I've also seen some other issues with searching own filelist in 3.2x but those are currently not entirely reproducible in 3.41. For example after finding one thing and jumping to further results with "Next", it seemed as if the searching "cursor" stayed in that place and navigating to root and searching again found nothing or only after that place and the only fix was close and reopen filelist.
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Re: Filelist bugs with AirDC++ 3.41

Postby maksis » 09 Jul 2017, 11:23

1) and 2): These will be re-implemented in the next version
3): Searching in own filelist will be disabled in the next version as it has been broken for a while already and I'm not really interested (or have the resources) to maintain it (see viewtopic.php?f=13&t=4592).
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