Airdc crashes when loading Shell Menu

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Airdc crashes when loading Shell Menu

Postby tracked » 09 Mar 2013, 12:08

Airdc crashes whenever i right click in my own filelist. Also happens in the finished files windows

Running latest Airdc on a windows 8 x64 pro

It does not appear to happen when i right click in someone elses filelist.

Also does not happen in the tree-view "sidebar" only in the files "window"

Whenever it tries to load the Shell Menu it crashes immedietly.

But funnily enough it does not appear to affect the program much cause transfers continue in the background and you can chat and all, but as soon as you press the button the crash dialog it kills the program

edit: disabling the shell menu works as in it does not crash anymore, but continues to crash when i re-enable it (and ofcourse try and load it in filelist or finished files...)

Is anyone else experiencing problems like this ?
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