Ports depends on Network Interface - possible?

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Ports depends on Network Interface - possible?

Postby RobinHood » 04 Jul 2020, 15:09


I would like to have a new feature, if this is possible.

I am using the portable version of AirDC++ on a network drive and i am using a router, so normally i would be passive.

To get active i did the following settings:
Settings-Connection settings-IPv4
Enable IPv4 ... Checked
Network inferface ... Any (
Active Mode U(no router or manual router configuration) checked
External / WAN IP my Dyndns-Address
Don'T allow hub/..... checked
Preferred port mapping .... Windows UPnP

and i choosed 3 Ports

It's working fine!

Now the problem - it can be solved by the new feature, i think:

I am starting this AirDC from 2 different computers - NOT both at the same time - only one is running.
To get this working, i have to change the ports in the settings after changing the computer.

To solve this problem, i think i need a checkbox 'ports depends on netzwork Interface'
By checking this box the 3 inputboxes for the must be disabled. And i need a possibility to register my Network-interfaces, my IPs and the 3 ports for the Network interface.

By setting 'Network inferface ...' to 'Any (' AirDC will detect the existing network interface and can put the portnumbers in the disabled inputboxes for control.

I think this feature makes it possible to start AirDC++ from different computers in a very easy way.

I hope you understand my wish.

Perhaps the reason for my wish?!
Normally AirDC++ is running in a virtual system on my NAS - it is not a fast NAS, but it's running 24/7. Because of the speed it is not comfortable to use AirDC+, because it's slow.

If i want to chat, i can close this AirDC and can start it on my faster notebook. When want to chut down the notebook, i close AirDC, then i start AirDC on den NAS and the chatlogs and the queue is there and download will be continued.


Perhaps you can help me?!
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Re: Ports depends on Network Interface - possible?

Postby maksis » 05 Jul 2020, 16:46

You could have separate DCPlusPlus.xml config files for different systems. If you can figure out how to write a cmd script (or get help from someone), you could launch the application with a script that copies the config file for the active system in place before starting the actual application. I'd say that your use case is quite special so I'm not sure if such functionality will be implemented in the application itself.
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