Retain Focus When Exiting A Directory In Filtered Filelist

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Retain Focus When Exiting A Directory In Filtered Filelist

Postby kkf » 18 Feb 2018, 12:46


Okay here is the pain I would like to have done away with.
1. I apply a filter on a long list. In my case I want only to check releases from 199x
pic 1.PNG

2. Sofar so good. Now Im scrolling down the list and want to check out an nfo file in one of the directories in the filtered list, lets say for genre, so I enter the directory of my choice. Filter is still applied apparently.
pic 2.PNG

3. Okay, now I have checked the nfo file. Now I will exit the directory and want to continue scrolling down from where I left off. Filter is still applied. And this is when my miseries start. As you can see, as soon as I exit the directory using the buttons with arrows, I again find myself at the top of the filtered list, so in order to continue checking from the directory I last exited I need to scroll down again to that directory instead of being able to continue from there. This is super annoying especially in case of long lists, see screenshot.

So my request is in case of filtered lists when you exit a directory, that particular directory needs to remain in focus either by being highlighted or just in the same place it was on the display before entering, instead of the filtered list automatically being rolled up to the first record.
Oh, and apparently this should also be applicable for all scenarios where something is different from the default view, for example when the list is organized in an ascending order by dirsize etc.

Thank you.
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