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AirDC++ 3.22

PostPosted: 26 Jul 2016, 16:36
by maksis


- Don't show log messages when removing finished bundles from queue
- Don't flush the file on disk when a download segment finishes (speeds up downloads with fast connections, didn't really work in version 3.10)
- Use lower thread priority for uploads to make them less disruptive when the system is under high load
- Adjust the auto detected slot counts for connections faster than 100 Mbits


- Fix possible deadlocks when loading filelists
- Fix crashes when non-existing share profiles are configured for favorite hubs
- Fix duplicate dupe paths being displayed for root share directories
- Fix ADL search item list becoming uneditable after closing a filelist that was being matched
- Fix handling of user updates after being redirected from the original hub


People using an older version of AirDC++ should use the inbuilt updating function (File -> Update check). New users can get the client from the download page.