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AirDC++ 3.21

PostPosted: 13 Jun 2016, 14:30
by maksis
Changelog (3.21)


- Fix TTH search responses
- Fix bundle merging issues (queueing of individual files or subdirectories into an existing bundle)

Changelog (3.20)


- Allow copying the hub address with keyprint from the hub tab
- Pause bundle for x minutes right click command for bundles in queue window
- Exclude matches option in auto search user matcher


- Avoid disk access when cleaning up finished bundles
- Existing directories won't be removed from share when a bundle with the same path is queued
- Improve performance with huge bundles (adding in queue and search for alternates)


- Fix a crash when right-clicking on the hub tab after being redirected from the initial hub
- Fix filelist-related crashes, memory leaks and deadlocks
- Fix issues when adding shared directories to other profiles
- Don't send "Message Seen" notifications for status messages
- Fix possible deadlocks when adding finished bundles/hashed files in share
- Add valid finished bundles in share on startup
- Don't show the PM privacy warning in NMDC hubs


- Support for using custom share profiles in non-favorite hubs
- Slot ratio setting
- A few settings that didn't work correctly
- Option to emulate DC++ in NMDC favorite hubs


People using an older version of AirDC++ should use the inbuilt updating function (File -> Update check). New users can get the client from the download page.

Re: AirDC++ 3.21

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2016, 00:57
by Hokitojas
Please tell me why did you remove emulation?!
I think it was a really bad descision!

Re: AirDC++ 3.21

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2016, 16:40
by maksis
Hokitojas wrote:Please tell me why did you remove emulation?!
I think it was a really bad descision!

Are you staying in hubs that don't allow AirDC++ or why is this an issue?

Re: AirDC++ 3.21

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2016, 20:49
by Hokitojas
My friend has a hub I have been there since ages (8 years+ old potax hub and I was there emulated), that is my issue.

i must say I really like this client I have over 30TB share and with the multicore design it is a true blessing!!! Altough the forced sfv check is not really ideal because when I download something from torrent and the torrent has an sfv file (all the files in the torrent are ok maybe sfv file was not re-created properly and that causes the error) then it does not share some files no matter what I do. I think this should be optional and not forced, or may be forced on rarhub share setting I dont know....! When I delete the sfv file from folder then airDC shares the files, but then I'm unable to seed the torrent because the files have changed.

Please consider my suggestions, I REALLY want to stay as an AirDC user, I really like the fact that all of a sudden you started to update it again!

Re: AirDC++ 3.21

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2016, 22:25
by maksis
Hokitojas wrote:My friend has a hub I have been there since ages (8 years+ old potax hub and I was there emulated), that is my issue.

I'm still confused because PtokaX doesn't block AirDC++ by default. Have you discussed about that with the hub owner?

You shouldn't expect to get a client with better performance and new features while requiring every obscure setting to stay maintained so that no hub owner needs to change his 10 year old practices. You just can't expect to pass everything for someone else to handle - which applies to SFV check as well. AirDC++ isn't the only client performing SFV checks (the feature is inherited from DC++) so invalid SFV files would cause issues to users who are downloading from you.

Re: AirDC++ 3.21

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2016, 22:41
by Hokitojas
I think it has plugins for account cleaning and security, and yeah owner was like "revert to the older client".

Re: AirDC++ 3.21

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2016, 22:47
by Hokitojas
Yeah but I can disable the sfv checking as far as I can remember on strong DC based clients. Yeah I get what you mean, still dont get the emulation removal part. Did you have issues with it? Client Instability? If it was working properly why not just leave it as it was?

And what if I add sfv files to share skiplist? :) Would it solve my issue about the non shared media files? Well I will try tomorrow but my guess is not.

Re: AirDC++ 3.21

PostPosted: 12 Jul 2016, 22:54
by Hokitojas
Nope does not help. :?
[23:52:17] [Hasher #5] : Error hashing P:\Music\Paul_Van_Dyk_-_Vonyc_Sessions-2006-2013_PACK-SCMT\2008\Paul_Van_Dyk_-_Vonyc_Sessions-READ_NFO-SAT-01-03-2008-TALiON\01-paul_van_dyk_-_vonyc_sessions-read_nfo-sat-01-03-2008-talion.mp3: calculated CRC32 does not match the one found in SFV file.

Re: AirDC++ 3.21

PostPosted: 13 Jul 2016, 08:51
by maksis
You know... most people buying new items should eventually realize that they also need to throw something out, even those ones that aren't hard to "maintain". I don't agree with the idea that you can't remove a setting as long as it's working correctly (how can I even know that without testing it) and doesn't crash the client.

I wasn't the one who removed the setting but I still think that it was a good thing to do. Since AirDC++ is based on DC++, you might somehow reason about having it use the same tag but there are also newer clients that aren't even based on DC++ and for them having an option like this would be a total hoax. I'd consider hub owners deciding that their users can only use a certain set of old clients to be harmful for the community and something that AirDC++ shouldn't be helping them with (especially when it involves extra code to maintain). That setting may had been beneficial for the client 10 years ago when such client rules were more common but that's not really the case anymore. Forcing some users to go through settings like this only because of the ignorance/laziness of hub owners doesn't make much sense either...

What comes to SFV check, yeah, it could possibly be solved. The client could ignore SFV files marked as hidden as those most likely aren't added in share either. I'd suggest that you create a new topic for it as it's not really related to this release.