AirDC++ 3.10

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AirDC++ 3.10

Postby maksis » 11 Apr 2016, 13:19

AirDC++ 3.10 adds Web UI and scripting API that allows managing the client remotely. Additionally this release removes a few less-critical features in order to improve stability and simplify the code.



- Web UI and scripting API, see viewtopic.php?t=4334 for more information
- Show the path also for partial filelist uploads
- Report keyprint validation errors for downloads
- Report errors when writing of log files
- Show SSL/TLS version and cipher information in transfers by tool tip
- Country flag and away status in Private message window


- Add finished bundles in share without hashing by default
- Auto search window improvements
- Automatically stop/continue downloading on disk errors when the disk is accessible and has enough free space
- Don't flush the file on disk when a download segment finishes (speeds up downloads with fast connections)
- Store the generated crash log in the settings directory to avoid permission issues


- Fix ADC hubs randomly getting stuck at "Connecting in progress" state
- Fix downloading of highest priority files when the bundle is paused (non-forced)
- Fix transfer grouping issues
- Fix user commands being sent to wrong hub
- Fix some resource leaks and decrease the amount of GDI and user object handles
- Make the detection of queued and finished dupe directories more reliable
- Fix a possible crash when adding temp share items
- Fix matching of searches using exact file names


- Support for moving/renaming bundles
- Support for failover addresses for favorite hubs
- Support for per-profile share excludes
- Support for using a separate directory for unfinished downloads
- Setting for auto away mode on minimize
- Support for sharing subdirectories of other shared directories in other share profiles
- Support for keeping the previous folder date when deleting individual files


People using an older version of AirDC++ should use the inbuilt updating function. New users can get the client from the download page.
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Re: AirDC++ 3.10 Beta

Postby TiMeTrAVelleR » 01 May 2016, 14:34

Thanks for update :)
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Re: AirDC++ 3.10

Postby TK » 20 May 2016, 06:28

Good work!
*loox in wallet for possible euros to donate*
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Re: AirDC++ 3.10

Postby blitz118 » 23 May 2016, 04:46

I received the below message after updating to 3.10. How do I fix this?

TLS error: Keyprint mismatch
[23:45:06] *** The keyprint in the address does'nt match the server certificate, use /allow to proceed with untrusted connection
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Re: AirDC++ 3.10

Postby Night » 23 May 2016, 06:41

Update the keyprint in the hub address to correct one.. ask the hubowner for new keyprint or see systemlog for the keyprint mismatch error, it displays the certificate keyprint.
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