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AirDC++ Web Client

Postby maksis » 14 Mar 2016, 15:47

AirDC++ Web Client is a new client for Linux users. It has a responsive Web-based user interface which can be accessed from any device by using a web browser (mobile devices are supported as well). The client can be installed on UNIX-like operating systems but it's well suited especially for file servers and NAS devices. The client also includes a JSON-based Web API which can be used for scripting (not documented yet).

All questions and bug reports related to AirDC++ Web Client (Linux version) should posted on project's Github tracker (not on this forum).


Home page
Online demo
API connector and scripting examples (Javascript)

Windows support

The web server functionality is also included in AirDC++ 3.10 and newer versions (the regular Windows client).

Guide for enabling the web server on Windows
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