AirDC++ 3.00

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AirDC++ 3.00

Postby Sopor » 28 Sep 2015, 16:47

AirDC++ 3.00


- Direct encrypted private messages (CCPM feature)
- "Message seen" and "User typing" notifications in direct encrypted PM channels
- Multilingual installer
- Recheck integrity (queue): re-adds corrupted file segments for downloading, detects already downloaded segments/files and performs a SFV check
- Allow rescanning failed bundles that are not in a shared directory
- Connect in parallel via IPv4 and IPv6 if the remote user has hybrid connectivity
- Font setting for list views


- Enable TLS v1.1 and TLS v1.2 based connections (DC++)
- Verify keyprints in Client-Client and Client-Hub connections
- Apply scanning skiplist option for checking share excludes as well
- Enable multi selection in Finished uploads


- Fix an issue with the remaining hashing bytes when reading of files being hashed fails
- Retry hashing of failed bundles correctly
- Don't use old language files when the settings directory location has been changed
- Fix a bug with matching download skiplist for folders
- Fix bundle alternative searches interval adding an extra minute
- Ensure that there are no path separators in the formatted log file parameters
- Fix issues when moving finished bundles
- Set bundles as finished if applicable when removing files from them
- Fix "Search directory" in transfer tab
- Fix minimum search interval setting
- Fix readd all and remove offline sources for subdirectories in queue
- Fix user list showing ghost users in some cases
- Fix a possible crash with client stats

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Re: AirDC++ 3.00

Postby Sir_BadEnglish » 10 Oct 2015, 12:07

a question about the downloadable packs:
"AirDC_Portable_3.00_xXX.rar" is it the same package as the "AirDC_2.91_xXX.rar" in the Versions before? Or do "portable" have a different AirDC in it?
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Re: AirDC++ 3.00

Postby Night » 11 Oct 2015, 10:26

The packages are like before, they were "portable" versions in them earlier too.
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Re: AirDC++ 3.00

Postby blitz118 » 12 Jun 2016, 09:17

I want to upgrade my computer to Windows 10. Are there any issues with Windows 10 and AirDC++ 3.00?
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Re: AirDC++ 3.00

Postby maksis » 12 Jun 2016, 09:28

blitz118 wrote:I want to upgrade my computer to Windows 10. Are there any issues with Windows 10 and AirDC++ 3.00?

No... but why won't you use version 3.10?
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