AirDC++ 2.80

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AirDC++ 2.80

Postby Night » 22 May 2014, 07:14



- Show the number of contained files and folders for directory search results (ADC)
- Use a Vista-style browsing dialog with folders
- Remember various previous locations with browsing dialogs


- Rewrite Download queue window to more torrent like view
- Hide various menu items when clicking on own user in the users tab
- Increase the validity period of generated encryption certificates
- Strip whitespaces from hub address fields
- Better settings for changing progress bar colors


- Detect the connect mode of other users correctly after connecting to a hub
- Fix performance issues when queueing huge bundles and there are lots of files matching the download skiplist
- Fix handling of individual blocked versions in the the version file
- Fix a bug that may have left folder deletions unnoticed by the share monitoring in some rare cases
- Use the existing bundle path when queuing items from auto search (when possible)
- Fix heartbleed bug (update OpenSSL)


-Finished downloads window ( Finished downloads are now shown in new Queue window )

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