AirDC++ 2.72

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AirDC++ 2.72

Postby maksis » 22 Feb 2014, 20:17



- Add CDATA parsing to XML parser (DC++)


- Never check open file lists when trying to download directories from (auto) search as the list directory may be outdated


- Fix TTH search responses
- Fix share monitoring spam when queuing files to a newly created directory
- Avoid refreshing the share twice on startup
- Fix a minor issue with counting the disk usage for queued items
- Fix a possible issue with reporting faulty missing NFO files when scanning the share for missing/extra files
- Remove a faulty error message in a clean installation
- Fix a possible crash when queueing a magnet link fails
- Fix renaming of hashed files on monitoring changes
- Fix a bug with adding missing files for hashing on startup


People using an older version of AirDC++ should use the inbuilt updating function. New users can get the client from the download page.
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Re: AirDC++ 2.72

Postby djapa » 23 Feb 2014, 18:49

"- Ignored users rewrite, ignored users are now shown in users window"

What does it do?

Re: AirDC++ 2.72

Postby Night » 24 Feb 2014, 09:54

ignored users are divided into message filter in settings, and ignored users by cid.
You can ignore/unignore a user using rightclick on a user and see all ignored users in the users window by filtering by ignored users checkbox.
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