AirDC++ 2.70

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AirDC++ 2.70

Postby steve72 » 27 Jan 2014, 15:31

For changes in version 2.71, see this page.



- Option for Close button to minimize airdc
- Remove all button for edit magnets dialog
- Use the same icons in pm tab and userlist, ability to state away mode and reg status on tab icon
- Clear buttons for histories in settings
- New icons for PM and Mainchat notification in tray and taskbar, add combined icon.
- Settings for message filtering mainchat or private messages
- Option for showing ignored and message filtered chat messages in systemlog
- Severity icons in PM and Hub windows statusbars
- Option to open .nfo files externally
- New column in search tab: Relevancy (used for sorting by default)
- Configurable update channel (stable/betas)


- Return more relevant search responses: (allows using more general search terms)
- Last online time will now show for all offline users in usersframe
- Reorder readd/remove source rightclick in queueframe, move All at the top
- Settings profiles change toolbar buttons and order (old toolbar button order will get reset, sorry for that)
- Ignored users rewrite, ignored users are now shown in users window
- Update the default hublists
- Sync all database writes to disk (the latest hashed entries won't get lost in case of unexpected shutdown)
- Improved error reporting for downloads
- List shell menus for all matching local files/directories, use a submenu that is loaded only when accessed
- Auto search: Show an error message if the picked item fails because of a shared/queued directory dupe
- Auto search: Clear the last error when an associated bundle finishes
- Auto search: Ignore the search time limitations when there are missing files
- Improve statistics (/sharestats and /clientstats)
- Increase the size of the ADL search properties dialog
- Use a single installer for 32 and 64 bit version
- Require double-click for restoring the client from tray by default


- Fix Hash progress dialog files/h
- Keep the order when changing items in favorite download directories
- Fix magnet open error with no source user
- Fix crash on clicking magnet link in pm history
- Fix modify dates for newly added directories
- Fix a possible freeze related to file lists
- Fix an infinite connect request loop that may happen in some rare cases
- Fix an invalid NAT-T support advertised in ADC hubs when there's a disabled IP protocol
- Prevent system log spam when monitoring detects changes for files that can't be shared
- Fix bugs in partial lists causing a newly loaded directory not being selected/loaded in some cases
- Fix a bug with moving file bundles
- Fix a faulty option that prevented /verifydb from fixing corruption
- Fix changing the current share profile in own file list after it has been matched with ADL search
- Fix issues with the lowest priority
- Update the modify date of the parent directory when share monitoring changes are applied or bundles are added in share
- Report possible errors also when queueing individual files
- Fix missing incoming search matching for some directory names
- Make GUI freezes less likely to happen when generating full file list
- Fix missing country flags from some search results
- Prevent crashes when running out of memory while loading file lists, queueing new bundles or refreshing the share
- Avoid delaying GUI actions while scanning the share for missing files or running multithreaded file list refresh
- Fix logging of uploads twice in some cases
- Fix multiple items with the same name not being displayed in ADL search matches
- Fix possible crashes related to recent hubs
- Fix window updates possibly getting lost when staying in very large hubs


- Netstats window
- Shutdown pc toolbar button function still available via /shutdown
- Toolbar bitmap settings ( old bitmaps are not compatible anyway, use icons instead )


Installer and portable versions are available here:
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