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AirDC++ 2.60

Postby maksis » 07 Sep 2013, 21:02

For changes in version 2.61, see this page.
For changes in version 2.62, see this page.
For changes in version 2.63, see this page.

Sharing changes

2.60 will use the new monitoring feature (introduced in version 2.50) for all directories. Scheduled refresh will be disabled for users updating upgrading from older versions. In order to make sure that share changes made while the client was closed will also be applied, the share will be refreshed after the client has been started (can be disabled).

New filter in search and file lists

Version 2.60 introduces a new filter for search and file lists. You can use more advanced text patterns, filter by the dupe status, exclude matching items instead of only displaying them and so on. The other filters have been improved too.

Here are a few filtering examples that work in search, file lists, user list, and in the Users tab. Type the shown text in the filter box when having the type "Any" or the specific column selected.

Show items newer than 10 days:

Show items larger than 1 GiB (or users sharing more than that):

Show users with connection of 100 Mbit/s (or faster):



- Allow changing the default share profile
- New filter for file list and search tabs
- Allow specifying maximum age for a file when searching
- Display the hub via which the file list is browsed through and allow changing it
- Allow changing the share profile in own list
- Add an option to refresh the share after client startup (enabled by default)
- Add an option to store the unfinished files in the final destination directory (enabled by default)
- Add a setting for maximum running bundles
- Append directory dupe directories in the "Download to" menu
- Detect Windows 8.1 and 2012 R2
- Implement "Find and view NFO" for own list
- Report duplicate files when generating file lists
- Add a new menu option to search auto search items on foreground
- Show a question box when removing a bundle and there's an auto search item with the same name if the auto search should be removed as well
- Ctrl+R in a partial file list will reload the current directory
- Add an option for favorite users to override the set bandwidth limiter


- Enable monitoring for all shared folders by default, disable scheduled refresh
- Make various hardcoded icons customizable by the themes
- Don't remove slow sources from files that have no other sources
- Speed up the directory dupe check for subdirectories
- Try to remember the previous list positions when using back/forward functions in file lists
- Partial lists and small files will always override the download slot settings
- Insert the inc param in the cursor position (auto search)
- Perform dupe check with all hashers when queuing files for hashing and multiple hashers per volume are allowed
- Allow adding multiple auto search items with the same name
- Old saved file list will now behave correctly when opening them from disk, allow queueing files from them
- Avoid system log spam when the same monitored directory fails scanning and no changes have been made
- Allow setting background file list active when a new list is requested
- Downloads will go to the OS-defined download directory by default when using a global settings directory
- Display an error message when trying to add the root application directory or the root settings directory in share
- Auto search items with maximum number reached will expire instead of getting directly removed


- Prevent identity faking with transfers (ADC)
- Use correct units for connection speeds
- Fix file list related crashes
- Fix a monitoring bug that caused the whole directory to be removed from share after deleting a single file from it
- Fix a monitoring bug causing new files remain unnoticed if they were renamed right after creation
- Fix issues with the lowest queue priority
- Perform the check for free space also when adding items in download by doubleclicking
- Preserve the case size when downloading grouped directories
- Connectivity mode detection fixes
- Fix extra paths in the file list browsing history and a few other problems related to browsing history
- Fix cases where multiple items might have been added for auto search items
- Fix problems with directory downloads if the other client refuses to give fully recursive list
- Fix system log spam when disabled auto search items expire
- Fix PM/chat icon issues with custom balloon popups
- Fix an issue with some segmented uploads
- Fix duplicate items in partial lists in some cases
- Fix invalid status messages in PM tabs
- Fix transfer timeouts right after connecting to an ADC hub
- Avoid deadlocks when downloading file lists
- Don't remove trees for queued items when optimizing the hash database
- Fix link positions going wrong in messages containing emoticons
- Fix link clicking issues in text files
- Quit properly when trying to close the splash screen
- Double-clicking works properly when minimizing/restoring the client from the tray icon
- Show a log message when a finished file bundle is added in share
- Don't display the downloading options for own magnet links
- Fix auto search items getting removed before the maximum number was reached when using the proper search period
- Fix adding the finished path for auto search items that are about to expire
- Fix missing automatic connection detection in some cases after changing the connectivity settings
- Fix segmented uploads being logged twice


People using an older version of AirDC++ should use the inbuilt updating function. New users can get the client from the download page.
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Re: AirDC++ 2.60 BETA

Postby maksis » 23 Sep 2013, 15:49

All download links and the changelog have been updated to the latest version. There's still some time to test 2.60 and get the bugs fixed before it goes stable 8-)
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