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AirDC++ v2.60!

Postby Absolon » 17 Oct 2013, 20:45

I just want to congratulate Maksis (and the rest of the team) on the splendid work with the release of v2.60!

There are a lot of great new functions that he has been working hard on and it's yet another leap in the awesomeness of the best client there is!

Old man chat starts here
Being on DC since 1999 I've seen many clients come and go and the evolution of this ugly Visual Basic program (does anyone remember how it looked?), with the "Hammer function" (I miss that one!) have been an amazing road.

Even for me, as color blind as I am, the original NmDC was a color catastrophe. I doubt that I could have made it worse. Not only that but all the damn commercials that came and made it even more painful for the eyes. But hey, what a thing. You could chat and you had a combination of IRC, Napster, eDonky, FTP, Uset, you name them. It was just a perfect combo! Some of the layout still live on so it was at least something good even though it was so crash prone. That was something amazing!

I've seen all the programs that tried to remove the commercials that came up all the time. The Netlimiter problem. The problem with the hard coded max 100 public hubs displaying in random and the creation of alternative public hub-lists that where distributed firstly by hand and then by tweaking the client.

I was opping on the first "min 20 GB hub". Damn! That was a huge step. Limiting the users to 20 GB! How could you have THAT MUCH? Then came the rise to 50!

Then came the bastard clone that had done reverse-engineering of the protocol. Dc++.

A commercial free alternative that was even uglier then the original (don't know how that was possible but it was!). And it was Open Source!

All the hubs where notoriously banning the users that was running it and then the gradual change where we started to ban the original client instead! On the irony.

I doubt that I ever seen a more sour and disgruntled person in my life when I read the interview with the original creator and how he was be-stolen of his work (and money) because someone dared to do this and even started to expand the protocol.

And the protocol. Jeez. I doubt I've seen worse. We still use protocols that was written in the early 70-ies! Mail, FTP etc. They still hold today. 40 years! But NMDC... How could someone be so stupid? I guess he forgot to read a book (that still holds today), Stephens TCP/IP and Programming the Unix environment (look it up!). Ok, he was in high-school. I give him that.

But then DC++ stared to grow, and then people started to make clones. Some where just small changes and some where big leaps into the future.

Like oDC. That was just an amazing client that led the way into how DC evolved. When there is a new client that is really awesome you tend to see how the users starts to change the client and all of the sudden that client is the majority one (except for some that are just obnoxious "Naah naah"). Having an "op-client" back then with the idling of 40 hubs or something. No, I don't brag, it was just contacts, networks etc. When you start to have some you tend to get more and more and after a while you just idle on them and use the other one to do the thing you do with DC. CHAT! ;)

So the latest leaps. StrongDC and fulDC. Ful had this amazing new feature. Highlighting the things you already had! WOW! Made life so easy. Was totally amazing! I still wonder why the original client has not implemented that??? It's one of the best functions there is!

Then came AirDC++ that took over where ful ended. At first people just ignored that buggy thing that crashed all the time but then, yet again, a new leap! AirDC started to become a really nifty client and here we are today. We have an amazing client that is so rich in functions that you couldn't believe was possible back then. People started to change again. Yet again seeing how gradually and the massively people change the client.It's always interesting to see how this evolution happens. How the spread of the word is so powerful!
Old man chat ends here

With 2.60 AirDC takes another leap forward. It has some really new amazing features. Once again I see a client that is leading the way and I'm very proud of being in the "loop" of it all.

So once again. A new version of the best client there is! (A bit of mishap on the way, but I don't dwell, and hope it goes the other way as well). I've seen the work Maksis have done. He has coded a really good client here. So I gladly upgrade to get the best there is and I hope you do the same!

Great work, Maksis! :D

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