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Tips for Skiplist

Postby freebow » 03 Dec 2011, 13:51

Every now and then I see that someone have problem with skiplist... And there is no universal skiplist that will help all users equally. So I will just write some parts of my skiplist and explain what the results would be.

First I dont do regexp because i am not so good with it. There are often problems in particular hubs which do auto check for files like (1).m3u , (1).mp3 (1).nfo and so on. I never saw that people did proper solution to stop stuff like that to happen so I will give You a hint. If You add to your skiplist code like this:

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Then all (1).m3u to (99).m3u will be skipped. Same for mp3, nfo etc.

I also do this:

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It will prevent any file or folder that contain stuff like that to be shared. It is always better to put one of those in foder name (because skip code will skip whole folder without checking files inside). I like applications and music also and my folders with releases are full with stuff that needs to be skipped. At first I would making .chm additional files for releases i like but nowdays I discovered nice application that can print in pdf (and it does it good). So nice applications in my share have a pdf that contains @ char which prevent file to be shared. It helps to keep my share clean and also helps me to have my share better for myslef. Same thing for mp3 playlists and grades for mp3 albums. Imagination has no ends... Hope this help...
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