HOWTO : A beginners guide to AirDC++

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HOWTO : A beginners guide to AirDC++

Postby en_dator » 05 Nov 2008, 22:31

A beginners guide to AirDC++

To get started you really only need a few simple things, but a few more settings will improve your DC experience, and then there are some that is just good to know about if or when you feel the need.

General tab
When you start a client for the first time it will open the settings dialog and ask you to enter a nick, this is the default username that you will use unless you enter another one for a hub in your favorites.

On this tab you can also enter an email adress (you can leave this empty if you want) and a description (you can leave this empty too, and remember that many hubs have rules against links or adresses in the description).

The upload speed is one thing that you should set, select the speed that is closest to the upload speed available for your dc client.

And the last item on this tab is the language, in AirDC++ you have here the option to select between a number of included translations, pick one and restart AirDC++ and the gui should now be in your selected language.


Connection settings tab
Second tab deals with connection settings and if you know how it works from other clients then AirDC++ is just the same.
A detailed explanation for how this stuff works you'll find here

Remember that if you use the "Firewall with manual port forwarding" option you MUST forward THREE ports, the new TLS port is a tcp port and it is used for the ssl encryption.


Downloads tab
Here you select a default folder for your downloads and a folder where your temporary files will be while they are being downloaded.


Sharing tab
Here you select what folders you want to share. If you want to have "virtual share folders" it could be easier to see if you go to the Appearance tab and find the settings "Use old sharing user interface" and enable it.


Upload slots tab
The upload slots setting is something you might want to change to allow more than the default two uploads. A reasonable way of deciding what to enter here is to take your upload speed and divide it so each slot would receive at least 10-25 kb/s but note that this is one of the things that many hubs have rules about so you need to look up the rules in each hub you visit in order to know how many they allow.


Appearance - Colors & Fonts tab
This is where you can change colors and fonts for all the text in your client, and import or export ready made themes, AirDC++ comes with three different color themes included. the default dark blue, a black & white theme, and a dark looking black theme.
Play a much as you want, and if you make something you want to share, zip it and post it here on our forum for others to see.


Appearance - Windows tab
Here are some startup options, and some other things that can be interesting to look at.


AirDC++ tab
This is where the media spam settings are made


AirDC++ AirDownloads tab
If you want to set a minimum segment size, here is the place, the default is 1024 (1Mb), if you for example set it to 51200 (50Mb) all files smaller than 50Mb will be downloaded in one part.



(Note! Please do not ask help questions in this thread - Keep this thread clean and only about this HOWTO. Please make your questions in a separate thread)
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Re: HOWTO : A beginners guide to AirDC++

Postby Grev76 » 15 Nov 2010, 07:53

I have a problem. How I could see in the queque only unfinished files?

Because in the AirDC 2.07 shows already finished files in the queque and ofcourse unfinished files. I was searching info at the settings, but haven't found.
Old version of AirDC works better, because it "delete" quque folders when it's finished.

If someone knows more of that, please reply


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Re: HOWTO : A beginners guide to AirDC++

Postby Night » 15 Nov 2010, 15:18

AirDC++ settings ->queue -> keep finished files in the queue
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Re: HOWTO : A beginners guide to AirDC++

Postby Grev76 » 16 Nov 2010, 06:23

Night wrote:AirDC++ settings ->queue -> keep finished files in the queue

Well, thank you for information. I feel little stupid right now, when I couldn't find that info by myself.

Sorry and thanks again :)
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Re: HOWTO : A beginners guide to AirDC++

Postby Night » 16 Nov 2010, 15:13

No problem, its what the forum is for :)
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Re: HOWTO : A beginners guide to AirDC++

Postby djapa » 10 Nov 2012, 11:03

The pics aren't working.

Re: HOWTO : A beginners guide to AirDC++

Postby renato » 10 Aug 2013, 08:06

Dear admin of this forum,

the pictures are not displayed, now since nearly a year. Would you please be so kind and reactivate them?

Thanks Renato
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Re: HOWTO : A beginners guide to AirDC++

Postby maksis » 10 Aug 2013, 11:11

I'm not sure that what's happening with this guide but even the text isn't up to date anymore. If you aren't using Windows XP, there's a new wizard that will go through the settings that are described in this post.
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