connection issues

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connection issues

Postby xxfck » 04 Nov 2008, 19:59

Hello, can someone explain what icnoming and outgoing connections basically means? For example what benefit is in using other than direct outgoing connection or when is it used?

Also i would like to know if there is way how to bypass blocking of DC traffic by some ISPs. I know hubs running on hubsoft with ADC protocol support connecting over SSL/TSL but unfortunately most hubs are running old version without encryption.
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Re: connection issues

Postby Guest » 04 Nov 2008, 20:34

The more ppl that update their clients to later versions of their respected DC client the better since transfers are made with ADC even on NMDC Hubs since C to C connections are made with ADCGET and ADCSND and if certs have been generated with both clients encryption transfers are made. so it doesn't really matter what hub is running its mostly about clients but to get the full benefit of what adc has to offer then i do really recommend ADC Hubsofts since most stuff is being developed there.

a ADCS Hubsoft is only encrypted in search chat etc, the clients control transfers. Hope this post helps you somewhat in your search for answers.

Re: connection issues

Postby Guest » 28 Jan 2009, 13:51

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Re: connection issues

Postby en_dator » 28 Jan 2009, 19:03

yupp, blocked and removed

guess its time to update forum soft...
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