HOWTO : Upgrade to AirDC++ from an old core client

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HOWTO : Upgrade to AirDC++ from an old core client

Postby en_dator » 28 Oct 2008, 20:46

An old core client in this case means any client older than StrongDC v 2.00 or DC++ 0.700 or clients based on them (DC++ 0.700 was released 2007-10-11 and StrongDC 2.00 was released 2006-07-23).

(If you have a new core client then go read this guide instead)

The Beginning
This guide is not just a simple 1-2-3 GO kinda thing, it is going to be rather long. It starts off with some initial comments, continues with some warnings that you really should read. Then it goes on to explain the different steps and the different actions that needs to be taken. Depending on your client you can probably skip some of them, and also if there are some data that you do not care to transfer then again there might be somethings that you do not have to do, but I will mention them all to help those that wants or needs to go through them all.

The Warning
This is a major update so even if this guide is made with the help of many people, things may still go wrong, so start by taking a backup copy of your client folder before you do anything else :)

Now, to something really important, in version 0.696 of DC++ there were one major change;
(I was not able to locate a complete changelog for fulDC but as far as I can tell all versions up to 6.79-B2 could be affected by this, for later versions this should not apply)

(from the DC++ changelog)
* Files with no TTH no longer show up in search and directory listings
* Sources in the queue with no TTH support will no longer appear
* Files without TTH in the queue will be removed (finish downloads with an older version)

This means that if your download queue does not contain TTH values you have two options:

1) Finish downloading what you have in queue, and only then change client, or
2) Change client anyway and loose your queue (here I should probably write something clever about you could write down stuff from your old queue and add them into your new client, but you should be smart enough to figure that out for your self, and also understand what a freakin big job that is if you have a large dl queue, enough said)

I am sorry about this, but there is no way around this, and all of us that are using new clients had to go through this at one time.

If you have one of these older clients and you decide not to change now, I would still recommend you to download the latest AirDC++ and install it into a new folder and check it out (there is a small introduction here that can be useful for new users).

Now, lets continue with the actual upgrading process,

The Upgrade
1) Before you leave your old client make sure that you do not have any large partly downloaded files (as they will restart from the beginning with the new client). I would also suggest unchecking auto connect on all hubs on the favorite hubs tab, after all you will need some time to go through the settings before you actually start using your new client, and that is best done without a lot of hubs connected.

2) If you havent already - take a backup of your client folder, please, please, please.

3) Download the latest version of AirDC++ here if you havent done so already.

4) Make a new folder and unpack AirDC++ there
(I have been told that if you are on Vista it can be a good idea to NOT put the folder in the programs folder but instead place it somewhere else).

5) Start AirDC++
It will display the settings dialog and if you want to you can make some settings here, but right now its enough to enter a default nick name and then close it. (if you have a software firewall installed on your computer it should have popped up too and asked for confirmation by now, telling it to allow AirDC++ sounds like a good idea don't you think ;) .
By default the client will try to connect to a hub where AirDC++ support is avaliable (dchub://, you can untick it from favs if you dont want to connect there any more.
After this you can shut the client down.

If you now go and look in the folder where you put AirDC++ you will see a sub folder called Settings, its in here all the xml files are located now instead of in the top folder as it was with your old client.

Copying of the old files

This file you should NOT copy over as the format has changed a lot. Instead after you have finished the other steps of this guide you should go here and use the conversion tool proveded there if you want to use your old ADLSearch.xml. An alternative is to use the great new Anti-RAR ADLSearch for private hubs provided by 0ndjultomte _here_, it is developed to work with the new AirDC++.(add link here when that is written)

If you want to keep your old settings and old color scheme you can copy your old DCPlusPlus.xml into the new Settings folder (not all settings will be kept, only those that still have the same name and function will be used, others will be ignored)
(a small note - in some cases this can cause weird and strange behaviour from the new client and it is not that difficult to set up AirDC++ but if you still want to try then go ahead, if you find that it does not work you can always deal with that later)

This file you can copy straight over.
Information about favorite hubs will be kept, with user names and passwords (NOT if you were previously using Zion or some other client with encrypted passwords).
Information about favorite users will NOT be kept as the format has changed a lot.
Your own user commands will still be there as well, but there are some things in them that might need to be updated to work properly.

HashData.dat and HashIndex.xml
These two files can be copied straight over.
However, it is not certain that all information in them will be kept, it depends on what client you are copying from. Mostly it seems to work okay.

This file you can copy straight over.
All files that has a TTH value will be kept, but all sources will be lost, other files will be removed.
By default AirDC++ is automatically searching for new sources for queued files so it should find them again without trouble.

The Recovery
That should be all the files that needs copying, next step should actually be to go through some basic settings in AirDC++, but there is one thing that we should do first, we will try and see if AirDC++ will be able to use your old hash data or not. If it works it saves you from rehashing everything again.

So just go ahead and start AirDC++ (if you did not untick autojoin of your favorite hubs hold down the shift key while it starts to avoid it loading the hubs)
If you had a large share it might take AirDC++ a long time to load because it will start with doing a file refresh (please let it finish, even if it takes more than ten minutes it doesent mean anything is wrong, if your share is located on network drives it can unfortunately take a lot longer)
When it has finished the file refresh one of two things will happen, either it will just report "File refresh finished" and in the status bar it will display your current share size, or it did not accept your old hashdata and it will now start re-hashing your share and you will see the progress in the system log window. (in the menu View - Indexing process you can see how much is left to process)

If it needs to rehash you better let it do that :) but you can pause it, or you can change the speed to reduce the impact it has on your system. Its okay to shut the client down while its hashing, it will continue when you start it the next time (an indexing speed of 40-70 MiB/s seems normal on recent PC's and around 1-2 TiB/day).

After it finishes the rehashing, or if it did not need to hash anything, please do the following: open a hub or pm window (it doesnt actually have to connect to a hub) and type the command /rebuild
This will recreate the HashIndex.xml and the HashData.dat files and remove any old stuff in there (if any). Depending on your share size this will again take some time (about the same time as a file refresh is normal, but it can take a bit longer too). When its done it will report "Hash database rebuilt" in the system log.

Now the upgrade is complete and you can start to use your new client any way you want :D

But we have some more for you if you like, "a beginners guide to AirDC++", a small guide that will walk you through some basic settings in your new client.


(Note! Please do not ask help questions in this thread - Keep this thread clean and only about this HOWTO. Please make your questions in a separate thread)
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