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FAQ: Scan share for missing/extra files

PostPosted: 17 Feb 2011, 18:39
by maksis
Q: The scan is telling me that there are files missing, but the reported file shouldn't even be part of the release.
A: Check that there are no extra SFV files in the folder. If so, open the SFV file using a text editor to see that it's valid.

Q: The scan is telling me that Folder.X/Sample/sampleX.avi is missing, but the file exists.
A: You can ignore this warning. The program will only check the files existing in the same folder as the SFV file. Samples or other files in subfolders shouldn't be listed in the SFV file and the scanner won't detect them.

Q: The scan is telling me that I have extra files inside a release folder but I really can't find them.
A: You should open the SFV file with a text editor and check that all files in the release are listed there and they have been named correctly. Hidden files are not being detected as extra files.