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Exporting favorites as well as being able to see pwds

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2019, 23:14
by 4C3T
Hi. I'm looking around the client, but I can't see anywhere to view passwords, nor can I export the favorites.

Am I blind in my entire head or does it not exist somewhere in the client?

Export function could come in handy in future versions, but if no dice, I'd like to see a view-password-button in the prefs for favorites.
I'd imagine this should be enabled in settings with a preset password also set either when installing or in settings.

On another note, is there any reasons the client simply forgets shared folders? Sometimes I uncheck certain folders on a network drive, and before long that very same box is checked again...
Sometimes it's enough to just hide the folders, but I have a few that gets changed by a backup program, so it's very frustrating when these are tossed back into the share, not to mention dangerous as some folders contain personal stuff :shock:

Re: Exporting favorites as well as being able to see pwds

PostPosted: 04 Nov 2019, 22:52
by Sopor
Everything is readable in the xml files, including passwords. From the File menu you can "Open settings directory" and in this directory you will find all the files you need to read the password and export favorite hubs.

You should not share personal stuff in your share. Leave them out side of the shared folders.