Change the download location for the filelists

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Change the download location for the filelists

Postby djapa » 26 Feb 2013, 01:08

Since i am using a SSD as my main drive which i have my OS installed i don't wan't to write the filelists to the be downloaded to that drive as it will degrade it.

How can i change the directory where the filelists are being downloaded to the same drive i have my download location set to?


Re: Change the download location for the filelists

Postby maksis » 26 Feb 2013, 11:45

Try editing "ConfigPath" from the file "dcppboot.xml" that is located next to the executable file. The file is included in the portable version if you don't have it yet. Note that there is no separate setting to only change the file list path so it will change the location for other config files too.

But what comes to the reason why you want to move the directory, I wouldn't be worried about the SSD. I've used SSDs for 4 years in various computers as the main disk (Intel, OCZ, Kingston...), and I haven't had any problems with them. And yes, I do a lot of writing (for example making a full compile of AirDC requires about 2GB of writing to the disk... and that must be done ofter :P ).

Read for example or
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