port forward / AirDC++ problem

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port forward / AirDC++ problem

Postby xxfck » 13 Oct 2008, 20:47

Im not sure if this is bug or not so i will post in this section. Im using latest stable version available (2.03) and got forwarded couple of ports (both TCP and UDP). Problem is its not working everytime as it should (me being able to download from passive users). I start a client with forwarded port in settings and cant download from anyone, either pasive or active users.. however it seems other people can download from me. So i go to connection settings and change it to 'Direct connection' or 'Firewall - passive' then back to 'Firewall with forwarded port'. Sometimes it will help and im active and able to download from passives, sometimes i need to switch it several times till it start to work (very rarely it works first time at start up). I dont understand where is a problem, im sure its not firewall or something like this, used ports seems to be forwarded just fine.. I tested it with µTorrent and no problem there, im always connectable there right after start. Could someone help or explain why is this happening?

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Re: port forward / AirDC++ problem

Postby en_dator » 13 Oct 2008, 21:24

There could be a few different reasons why it does not work, for example if some other application you have that might be using the same ports that AirDC tries to use (normally it will alert you about that with a message at startup).

Maybe you was not successful in setting up the port forwarding, please double check your setting (some routers only let you set an ip to forward to and sometimes that ip changes, the internal ip that is).

If you have TLS enabled that needs a third port forwarded, create a new TCP port forwarding and type that port number in the TLS box.

And of course the usual things, double check your firewall settings, if you have instlled a firewall yourself then dont forget to check both that and the builtin windows firewall.
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Re: port forward / AirDC++ problem

Postby xxfck » 14 Oct 2008, 11:14

I changed TLS port to something else, now it works without problem.

Thank you very much
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