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Sunday, 26 February 2017 12:15

Hubsoft-specific warnings

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Several warning messages can be shown when connecting to a hub that runs on hubsoft that contain security vulnerabilities or violates ADC protocol specifications in a way that may affect the user.

This hub uses an outdated cryptographic protocol that has known security issues

TLS 1.0 (released on 1999) is known to contain various security vulnarebilities. Due to such issues, TLS 1.0 is no longer accepted for various security-critical transactions, such as credit card payments. Unfortunately outdated hubsofts are still being used that lack support for modern security protocols.

The hubsoft used by this hub doesn't forward Advanced Direct Connect protocol messages according to the protocol specifications, which may silently break various client features. Certain client functionality may have been disabled automatically in this hub.

Advanced Direct Connect protocol is the successor of the old NMDC protocol, which pays much attention to extensibility. Unfortunately certain hubsofts have chosen to ignore protocol specifications and disallow all extensibility, making adding of various new client features practically impossible. All violating hubsofts may not even forward base protocol commands, such as file searches, correctly. Since this may cause various user actions to unexpectedly fail without any error messages from the hub, AirDC++ may disable user features on per-hubsoft basis to avoid confusion to the user.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013 21:48

Running a hub

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AirDC++ has been designed to work with the ADC protocol, so it's highly recommend to use an ADC hubsoft to take advantage of various useful client features (e.g. share profiles, multiple per-user connections and IPv6).


ADC hubsofts


A multi-platform hubsoft that ships with relatively many features. Allows running Ptokax scripts through a bridge script.

Custom version of ADCH++ with hybrid IPv4/IPv6 support

In order to allow hybrid IPv4/IPv6 client-client connections as supported by AirDC++, you need to run an extended version of ADCH++. Note that the hub server needs to have IPv6 connectivity available for the feature to work.

Download the hybrid version of ADCH++...


Linux (source code, BZR)

See the ADCH++ guides for information about using the hubsoft. To make the hubsoft perform authentication for both protocols, you need to specify "HubAddress4" and "HubAddress6" attributes in the file "config/adchpp.xml" (there is more information available in the XML file).


Contains lots of inbuilt features and is available for multiple operating systems. Contains support for the NMDC protocol as well. No encryption support on Windows, no scipting API. High resource usage.


A hubsoft with relatively many native LUA scripts available. Available for multiple operating systems.


A high-performance hubsoft for Unix-like operating systems. Offers significantly less features than the other ones.


NMDC hubsofts

See the Wikipedia arcticle for information about the available hubsofts

Tuesday, 29 October 2013 21:19

Information for Developers

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Fetching the source

The latest source code is located on Github.

There's also a source package available with each release from 

Compiling on Windows

The Windows version can be compiled with Visual Studio 2013

Compiling on other operating systems

The core has also been tested to compile on various Linux distributions and on OS X. Build script for compiling the source on other operating systems is available at the Github repository of AirDC++ nanoSee the guide for AirDC++ nano to get an idea about the required rependencies for compiling the client.

The supported compilers are GCC 4.7+ and Clang 3.3+.

Saturday, 02 July 2011 14:29


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The first step is to download and install AirDC. If you are running more than 4 GB ram you are probably on a 64-bit OS, and therefore you should choose the 64-bit version for better handling with RAM usage.

Have you already installed it, please skip to the next page, Settings.

Sunday, 08 May 2011 08:07

List of Available Keyboard Shortcuts

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Here are just few keyboard shortcuts for normal users.

Ctrl + F4  - Close current tab

Ctrl + 1 - Enable or disable the toolbar

Ctrl + 2 - Enable or disable the transfer view

Ctrl + 3 - Enable or disable the status bar

Ctrl + D - Open Download queue window

Ctrl + E - Refresh file list

Ctrl + F - Open favorite hubs window

Ctrl + N - Open notepad from client

Ctrl + L - Open filelists folder

Ctrl + P - Open public hublist window

Ctrl + Q - Quick connect window

Ctrl + S - Open new search window

Sunday, 08 May 2011 11:39

Chat commands

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                                        AirDC++ have a lot of commands , write in mainchat /help and there you will see.


/help - List with all commands available on AirDC++

/refresh - Manually refreshes AirDC++'s share list by going through the shared directories and adding new folders and files. DC++ automatically refreshes once an hour by default, and also refreshes after the list of shared directories is changed.

/rebuild - Rebuilds the HashIndex.xml and HashData.dat files, removing entries to files that are no longer shared, or old hashes for files that have since changed

/savequeue - Save download queue

/search - Opens a new search window with the specified search string.

/g - Google search

/imdb - Launches your default web browser to the Internet Movie Database (imdb) with the specified query.

/whois [IP] - Find info about user from the IP adresses.

/slots # - Number of upload slots.

/extraslots # - Number of extraslots.

/smallfilesize # - Set smallfile size.

/ts - Show timestamp in mainchat.

/connection - Show connection settings / IP / Ports

/showjoins - Show users join or left from hub in mainchat.

/shutdown - System shutdown

/AirDC++ - Show AirDC++ version in mainchat.

/away - Set message away.

/winamp or /w - Show Winamp spam in mainchat

/clear or /c - Clear the mainchat

/speed - Show download & upload speed in mainchat.

/stats - Show information about your PC / Uptime , Download/Upload etc.

/prvstats - Show stats visible only to yourself

/log system - Open system log

/log downloads - Open downloads log ( You need to have saved logs of downloads from Settings , Logs )

/log uploads - Open uploads log ( You need to have saved logs of uploads from Settings , Logs)

/df - Show disk space info

/uptime - Show uptime of your pc & client

/topic - Show topic

/close  - Close hub / Window

Friday, 06 May 2011 09:50

Main DC++ Window

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Main Menu Bar


Now i will explain what every icon on this bar means.


Click there and you will see the public hublist


Click there and you will be reconnected in the hub.


You are able to follow the redirection offered by the hub which is currently in the foreground. If the active window is not a hub, it does nothing


Click there and you will see the list of your favorite hubs.


Click there and you will see the list of your favorite users.


Click there and you will see the list of hubs where you was in the past.


Click there and you will see the list which are you waiting to download.


Click there and you will see the log of your finished downloads.


Click there and you will see the list of users which are waiting to download your filelist.


Click there and you will see the log of your uploads list.


Click there , here you will find some boxes with which you can find each file.


ADLsearch mean " Automatic directory listing search "  is a tool for searching of file lists downloaded from users. Create a new ADLSearch entering 'avi' as search string for example. When you download a directory listing from a user, all avi-files will be placed in a special folder called <<>>.


In there, you are able to spy other users' searches


It displays a real-time chart of the average speed of data sent and received by client.


This menu is for opening a previously downloaded filelist.


Opens the Settings panel.


In there, you can store random text. The text will be kept even if you close


Click there and your message away will be activated.


Opens your downloads folder in Windows Explorer.


This will immediately rescan your shared directories for new or changed content and updates your file list.


It is where all the system messages of the current session are logged.

Wednesday, 04 May 2011 12:50

What do the AirDC++ tags mean?

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V =Version client
M =Connection mode ( A=active ; P=passive )
H: x = Number of hubs where we are connected as simple users ( not regged )
y = Number of hubs where we are connected and regged.
z = Number of hubs where we are connected , regged and we have one account OP.
S = Number of slots which we have opened
O = If number of slots are busy,here will see how many are extra disponible.(extra slots )
L = Upload limit ( normally ban )

Wednesday, 04 May 2011 16:06

Errors & Messages

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What kings of error messages you can receive and what means them.We have 2 kinds:

1.Some messages which you got as welcome message when you try  to connect on the hub.

2,Others which appear when you wish to download and you can't make it

1.Some messages which you got as welcome message when you try  to connect on the hub.

*** A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond -  • Connection timeout • , Hub can't be contacted.

*** No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. = • Connection refused by target machine • = Hub is stopped or he have problems.

*** An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host = • Connection closed • = Hub is stopped or he have problems.

*** No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it. = Exist the possibility that your hub which you tried to connect to doesn't work.

*** Connection timeout = Due to slow connection or low bandwith , your client stopped connection to your hub ; or possibily broken , or defective peering.

*** The requested address is not valid in its context. = Adress which you set at favorites is wrong.

*** Press the follow redirect button to connect to address = Hub where you try to connect is full , closed , or you don't have share to join there.

*** Connection reset by server = Your connection to the hub was lost by some reasons.Could be from your fault , or from hub.

*** An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine = Your connection at users from you try to download is stopped , but that is not happening because of him, there one error of him client.

*** Port is busy, please choose another one in the settings dialog, or disable any other application that might be using it and restart DC++ = Be sure to don't open 2 or 3 clients of dc++.If you don't change the port from Settings , ports with more numbers "    1-65525 better "

*** You are being redirected to = The hub which you tried to connect is full , closed or he have some rules of sharing bigger than your share.

*** Unknown Address = You wrote wrong the adress of hub.

*** Disconnected = Disconnecting from downloader , try again , or later.

2.Others which appear when you wish to download and you can't make it

*** No slots available = User from where you try do download files have no free slots.Wait till one is free.

*** No users to download from = Ar trebui sa cauti pentru o sursa alternativa.You tried to download some files from some user which was deleted by him.You should to find other alternative source.

*** User went offline = User from you download is not online.Wait till he will be back.

*** Remote client does not fully suport TTH cannon download = Clients are incompatibility and this is the reason you can't download from him.

*** Disconnect = User from you download closed the connection.

*** Search spam detected from = Somebody tried to make 5 searches in 7 seconds.

*** Directory already shared = Folder which you try to download it is already in your share.

*** A file of equal or larger size already exists at the target location = You try to download one file which already exist in folder where he must to be.Remove the files which exist or set other folder to download.

*** Invalid number of slots = Very funny or not.Best options are numbers 1-99.


Monday, 02 May 2011 16:27


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Hublist mean one list of private or public hubs put in one place.Open AirDC++ , go to File-Settings-Downloads click on " Configure public hublist URL ". One box has opened. Now copy the adress of public hublist example.

Click add and OK. Now go to View - Public hublist click in the list and click again to your hublist adress , and refresh.In a few seconds you will see the list of hubs.

First step


Second step


Next step



Final step :