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Hubsoft-specific warnings

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Several warning messages can be shown when connecting to a hub that runs on hubsoft that contain security vulnerabilities or violates ADC protocol specifications in a way that may affect the user.

This hub uses an outdated cryptographic protocol that has known security issues

TLS 1.0 (released on 1999) is known to contain various security vulnarebilities. Due to such issues, TLS 1.0 is no longer accepted for various security-critical transactions, such as credit card payments. Unfortunately outdated hubsofts are still being used that lack support for modern security protocols.

The hubsoft used by this hub doesn't forward Advanced Direct Connect protocol messages according to the protocol specifications, which may silently break various client features. Certain client functionality may have been disabled automatically in this hub.

Advanced Direct Connect protocol is the successor of the old NMDC protocol, which pays much attention to extensibility. Unfortunately certain hubsofts have chosen to ignore protocol specifications and disallow all extensibility, making adding of various new client features practically impossible. All violating hubsofts may not even forward base protocol commands, such as file searches, correctly. Since this may cause various user actions to unexpectedly fail without any error messages from the hub, AirDC++ may disable user features on per-hubsoft basis to avoid confusion to the user.

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